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About Themebot

The Drupal 6 Theme Demo was created so you can actually test drive all of the Drupal themes available for download on Themebot.com, rather than just looking at a screen-shot. You can peak at the code and mess around a bit before wasting your time downloading a theme and installing it only to find out that it wasn't really what you wanted.

Even if a member who uploaded a theme on Themebot didn't provide a demo, you will always have a test drive here :) If the author did provide a demo, you should check that out as well because the Themebot demo is a basic Drupal installation and may not include all of the advanced features for a theme.

If this service has been useful, please consider making a donation to Themebot. And don't forget to Donate to Drupal to show your support and say thank you for the many thousands of hours of coding that went into bringing you this great Open Source software absolutely free!


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